Wednesday, October 24, 2007

all this time...

All this time I'd been thinking the name of this show was "rampoo", but a more accurate translation is "ranpou".

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Imaged ganked from I don't know where, some Japanese site.

It's a show about Ranpou, a crazy kid who invents things along with his pet mouse and they cause trouble at school. I mean wacky 80s anime crazy, which means laser guns that cut down office buildings, giant cockroaches harrassing teachers, and entire episodes that lampoon Captain Harlock, Nausicaa, Future Boy Conan, and Macross, all in 15 minutes. People ask me what kind of anime I'm looking for, this is it, all I have is crappy copies of 2 episodes, somebody buy me the DVDs for Xmas, okay? If there ARE DVDs, which I doubt.

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Path said...

Discovered this blog while randomly searching for Ranpou, love it! Always been a fan of old anime. It's usually romanized as Rampoo because it shows up on official merchandise, even though as you mentioned, it really should be Ranpou. I'm curious as to how you obtained episodes? I've been looking for some since I first ran across the OP/ED songs. All I've been able to locate is the OP and ED animation via youtube and nico. Im extremely interested in this show, so any help in the right direction would be appreciated, thanks!