Wednesday, October 31, 2007

gigantor the space age robot

Here's a fun ad from an industry magazine circa 1966, courtesy D.T.

Why not wreak havoc on YOUR competition with Gigantor?


Chris Sobieniak said...

Oh Trans-Lux, is there nothing you can't sell! :-)

Being reminded of having checked the local newspaper microfiche of the TV listings in the 60's to see that one Detroit station, actually one from across the river in Canada (CKLW, channel 9 in Windsor) used to air both Astro Boy and Gigantor during the mid 60's (of course I could be wrong if it was some other station at the time). That was a really wonderful station when it was still owned by the American RKO General in it's heyday (often catering more to an American audience despite being a CBC affiliate), until the CRTC clamped down on foreign ownership of Canadian stations and CKLW wind up being sold to the CBC in the 70's. That and the once-owned radio station had a lot of history in that section of the world!

wayne moises said...

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wayne moises said...

He is the giant robot and protector of the future with the heart of iron & steel from the Tetsujin 28/Gigantor series. Thanks! From:Wayne