Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spee Dracer

Short post from me this week because I am busy with Real Life Sorts Of Things. If you want to read something I wrote about classic anime, I would suggest you hie yourself to your nearest newsstand and pick up the latest issue of OTAKU USA, where among other things there's an article I wrote about Speed Racer.

There's also a great interview with Ippei Kuri and loads of other features about anime and manga and videogames and movies and otaku culture around the world. So don't delay, do it today! Also give a hoot, don't pollute, and be cool, stay in school.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

Thanks for the closure references only I would get!

Went into Kroger's last week though and didn't see any issues besides Shonen Jump, Anime Insider and whatever ADV bothers to publish. Hope I didn't miss getting that issue or I might have to go back on eBay again like usual. I'm still pissed there isn't a better way of having self-gratification without blowing cash. I can just kill myself thinking of the things I missed out on.