Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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As many of you know, when I'm not writing about classic anime here at Let's Anime (which, admittedly, is most of the time), I'm usually working on something at Mister Kitty, which is the website myself and my wife Shain Minuk set up some years back to host our own original comics and to feature attractions like our popular "Stupid Comics" page.  Well, the big news is that Shain has taken the big 21st century crowdfunding step and has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a deluxe, 268 page collection of her webcomic, The Element of Surprise.  

Described by the comic’s creator as “similar to Starsky and Hutch, only a little less gay”, The Element of Surprise details the relationship between two men, Mark and Ben, in a nameless but crime-ridden city somewhere in America’s “rust belt”.

The Kickstarter campaign has a variety of rewards for pledges that range from $1 to $200. Readers of the webcomic, which updates weekly, have been hoping for a print version for quite some time, and Mister Kitty and Friends have finally responded.

With the help of crowd funding by Kickstarter, Minuk intends to publish the first two story arcs of The Element of Surprise, while a third arc is currently running in weekly updates on the Mister Kitty website. The collected volume of the webcomic will detail the two men in the early stages of their relationship, struggling with their own internal conflicts while facing up against corrupt politicians and various violent miscreants, in a story providing plenty of action and romance.

The Element of Surprise Kickstarter campaign is on until July 17th 2015.  We're hoping to get the word out as far and as wide as possible, and hopefully if this project succeeds it'll be the first of many Mister Kitty print projects, including, who knows? Maybe a print Let's Anime. So check out the Kickstarter, tell your pals, spread the word, and if you can, why not drop a few bucks to help make independent print comics happen?

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