Thursday, February 5, 2009

the yamatocon excuse

I realize Let's Anime posts have been thin on the ground since Christmastime, and I do apologize. Part of why this is, is because I wrote an article for the Star Blazers website about Yamatocon, the 1983 Star Blazers convention in Dallas Texas. This article is now up at for you to read and enjoy!

I also wrote a short review for the upcoming OTAKU USA magazine, and that took a little time away from the dear Let's Anime. And of course every week over at Mister Kitty I provide commentary for items of questionable quality culled from our vast comic book collection. So it's not like I ain't been busy.

At any rate we should have something goofy for you here in a little while - so don't touch that dial!


d. merrill said...

By the way I would like to point out that if there was another Yamatocon I would totally go.

Edd_Vick said...

That looks like me behind the table at Yamatocon II. I went to the local comic book distributor and took all their anime books and model kits on consignment. Good memories.