Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Anime North in Toronto, Anime Next in Atlantic City

It's that time again, Anime North returns to the Delta International Hotel and the Toronto Congress Center out by Pearson Airport in lovely Toronto Ontario Canada this weekend - May 25-27 2018! It's a weekend full of anime guests, videos, cosplayers, panels, dances, vendors, and hopefully the weather gods will smile upon us and waft some gentle spring breezes our way. What am I up to this year? 

Well, in defiance of good sense and common decency Anime Hell is back Friday night at 10 for all your short-form amusing Japanese video needs. Often imitated, never equaled, it's Anime Hell. This year Hell is back in the North Ballroom of the TCC, so look for the water tower and head to that end of the parking lot. 

Saturday morning Shaindle Minuk and myself will be screening a choice selection of the kinds of cartoons we as 60s and 70s kids would fill our Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons with - theatrical shorts from the 30s and 40s and 50s, giving us a background in the history of animation that today's kids sadly may be lacking. 

At 4pm I'll be wandering through the 1970-1990 works of manga master Go Nagai as they translate to film and television. Demons, robots, puppets, android girls, weird failures, secret successes, they're all there in this man's Protean output. 

Sunday at noon myself, Ashley Hakker, and Nicholas Terwood will be exploring what anime fandom looked like in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s, and we've only got an hour so we're gonna talk fast! 

And on Sunday afternoon Neil Nadelman and myself will be taking you through the craziest anime not yet licensed for official viewing here in North America.  What weird gems will we uncover? Will the forces that decide such things take pity upon our alchemy and see fit to release some of these titles over here? Let's find out!

And let's not forget Dubs Time Forgot, Space Battleship Yamato, South Korean Bootleg Anime, and Totally Lame Anime, panels brought to you by Mike Toole, Neil Nadelman, and Tim Eldred that I may or may not be sitting in on.  It's all happening at Anime North this year, for more information consult the schedule available online or investigate your program book when you arrive! 

If that wasn't enough convention goodness, a few weeks later Shaindle Minuk and myself will be at Anime Next in Atlantic City, NJ, bringing more panels and events to the excited New Jerseyians and fans from around the tri-state area! We'll be doing Anime Hell, Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics, the anime fandom history event Class of '85, investigating anime based on Western sources in Under The Western Influence, and repeating The Devilman Made Me Do It for an American audience! Anime Next happens June 8-10 - see you on the boardwalk! 

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