Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the return of prince planet manga

Remember a couple years back when we posted some translated pages of Yusei Shonen Papii (aka Prince Planet) manga from the 1960s? Remember how those pages were scanned out of a tattered, yellowing 1965 issue of Kobunsha's Shonen and we figured we'd never see any more Prince Planet manga?  Well, we were wrong. Recently Japan's manga industry smiled on us and released a two-volume set of Yusei Shonen Papii manga.

This of course, allows us to enjoy the manga adventures of Yusei Shonen Papii, Riko, Strong, Adji Baba, and that doofus on Radion who keeps forgetting to keep Prince Planet's medallion powered up. You had ONE JOB, fella. This manga also enables us to present the next chapter in our exciting Prince Planet manga adventure! So sit back, try to remember where we were when we left off - and to read from right to left - and enjoy!


Thanks to Kayt for shipping these over and to Rick for the translations and to the planet Radion, without which any of this would have been necessary. Stay tuned to your local UHF station, or Let's Anime, for upcoming Prince Planet news!