Monday, May 23, 2016

your May '16 update

Hey gang!  Been a busy season here at Let's Anime - well, busy everywhere, to be honest -  and I wanted to drop a quick note and let you know what's going on.

First off, Let's Anime now has a Facebook group so as to facilitate our permeability with regards to social media buzzword infestation topicality. Feel free to join, comment on Let's Anime stuff, start a discussion that will shake the foundations of civilization itself, et cetera.

This weekend is the 20th Anime North and as such I'll be there with guest Shaindle Minuk hosting panels and entertaining the crowds. What exactly will we be up to?

Friday night the popular Anime Hell event will be rockin' the TCC North Main Ballroom, that's what.  And then on Saturday noon Shain and I will be bringing our Mister Kitty Stupid Comics show to the big screen in one of the International Ballrooms!

It's sure to be jam packed with 70 years worth of dumb comics, including a lot of American fake manga, everybody's favorite. Then afterwards I'll lead a crew of grizzled Anime North veterans down Memory Lane as we take a look at the first Anime North back in 1997!

On Sunday it's another trip back in time with a curated visit to Bad American Dubbing, Corn Pone Flicks' mid-1990s series of documentaries highlighting bad American dubbing (what else?)

Popular anime translator Neil Nadelman is also at Anime North this year and he's bringing his famous Totally Lame Anime on Saturday night!

Neil's also moderating panel talks on two favorites, Orguss and V Gundam!

If you aren't able to make it to Anime North - and you might not be able to, weekend and Saturday passes are sold out -  then you can console yourself with a listen to the Anime Nostalgia podcast, the recent one where myself and host Usamimi discuss one of my favorite Japanese animated films, Galaxy Express 999! (warning: contains Apollo Smile)

And if you want a lurid 70s pagan psychedelic freakout as only Eiichi Yamamoto can deliver, then you owe it to yourself to catch one of the many screenings of the 4K restoration of the Animerama classic Belladonna Of Sadness that's roadshowing its way across North America courtesy Cinelicious Pictures!

Hopefully this is enough input to keep you occupied until our next Let's Anime column, which should be appearing shortly. Watch this space!