Friday, May 17, 2013

it's anime north time

What's that? It's May? That means it's time for Anime North!  Sorry, weekend admission tix are sold out, but you can still buy single-day passes. What will I be up to?  Let's find out.

I believe this is the 9th year I've done Anime Hell at Anime North. I had no idea how well the event would go over in 2005, but so far it's filled whatever event room it gets put in. We are following it up at midnight with a special screening of MESSAGE FROM SPACE, the 1978 Toei Star Wars-inspired space opera, so stick around!

 Saturday at 2 is the annual meeting of the Dead Format Society, a gathering of hoarders and junk hounds who can't bring themselves to get rid of any of that old technology that allows them to experience anime the way it was meant to be experienced; which is to say, on a CRT screen, untranslated, and suffering from "laser rot".

Sunday at 1pm join Shaindle Minuk and myself as Mister Kitty takes a look at the wonderful world of Stupid Comics. We've spent years finding hilariously bad gems of comic book art and now we're taking this show TO THE STREETS!!1! Or to the hotel function rooms, whichever.

Then at 2, Ric Zerrano and I will be taking a look at Yusei Shonen Papi otherwise known as Prince Planet! If you enjoyed the show as a kid or are just now finding out about this strange black and white space adventure show that sold candy to millions of Japanese children, you owe it to yourself to not miss this presentation.

See you at the show!


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Wish I was there!

hellokitt9 said...

It sounds like you are going to have a lot fun.

SignOfZeta said...

Dang, that sounds rad as hell.

I love Message From Space. I can't understand why everyone says its "Star Wars inspired" though. I'm sure it is in the sense that its a move that takes place in outer space but...I'm sorry, that had been done before Star Wars.

John Harris said...

Awww, a whole convention about anime sounds like it's too far outside my general interest profile to attend, but I'd love reading about Prince Planet if you wanted to post about it afterward...?

publius said...

At A-Kon in Dallas, every year for several years now, I bring in selections from my LaserDisc collection & run a "Classic Anime Festival".
I've settled into a routine of 12 hours, one 4-hour block each day, a mix of US-release discs (some subbed, some closed-captioned) & Japanese discs with fansubs which I overlay live using a genlock. Yeah, pretty crazy!