Monday, November 23, 2009

you're all winners

That's right, everybody who reads "Let's Anime" is a winner. But in a different, more correct sense, only the people who sent in Prince Planet fan art are the REAL winners here. If only all of the conflicts afflicting mankind could be solved with Prince Planet fan art! The world would certainly be a more surreal place.

At any rate, here are the champions of the Great Prince Planet Fan Art Contest Of 2009, Sponsored by Let's Anime and MGM Digital Media in association with Hulu and YouTube! All Rights Reserved!!

Our first entry was by Guy, who won us over with his energetic heavy metal portrayal of Prince Planet.

When he's not drawing Prince Planet, Guy writes about anime at the Guy Hates You blog!

Next past the goalpost was Dylan, AKA "Ninjatron", with this great sepiatone depiction of Bobby and Diana.

Dylan is the man behind the Astro Boy World blog, your one stop shop for all your Astro Boy news.

Salvatore M. of Philadelphia PA came through with a peppy B&W illustration!

Meanwhile Larry C, who writes a great obscure world television blog, worked up this slick color piece that I like very much!

And not to be outdone, Sarah M. brings her "A" game with this swell watercolor illo!

I know the cut off was five entries, but I got this drawing from Emma which has the only Warlock representation here, so I'm going to share it with everybody even though I am clearly violating my own rules.

Thanks to everybody who participated and you will all be getting Prince Planet T-shirts in the mail at some point in the near future. I'm being vague about the time frame because I have to go out and buy envelopes and do all that stuff, it's not like I can just have the Let's Anime Mail Room guys do this, because they're really busy. Also because they don't exist.

All artwork is (c) its original creators. Prince Planet is (c) MGM. No rights are given or implied without express consent of Major League Baseball.

Next time at Let's Anime; something completely unrelated to Prince Planet in any way, shape, or form!!


Ninjatron said...

Wow, some really great artwork here! Good work, everyone!


X7 said...

amazing artwork! wish I had that kind of talent!

Steve Harrison said...

That's some awesome work all around, and I'm glad to see such participation in this day and age!

Planet (Prince? PP..oh, wow, that almost works as Papii, doesn't it?) has a really interesting color scheme, something you don't see anymore. Call me crazy, that looks like it would be an actual combat uniform and not a 'superhero' costume.

Well, OK, the fin on the helmet might be problematical...

Sarah M said...

Wow, very cool!! :D I love seeing the different styles and techniques everyone brings to their own interpretation of him! Hehe, and the Martian Magician picture by Emma cracks me up... best side-character EVER. Thank you so much for hosting this super-fun contest, Dave!

PS- Ninjatron, I am a big fan of your blog. I especially love your recent articles with regards to the new Astro Boy movie. ^_^

Superdeformed said...

To clarify, I'm 31, not 8.