Saturday, October 5, 2013

you know, for kids

Here's a fun thing, a translation of a children's book from the 1982-83 Nippon Sunrise anime series SENTO MECHA XABUNGLE.  Let your children drift off to dreamland with this tale of one man's search for bloody outer-space wild-west vengeance! Translations by, and many thanks to, Ric Zerrano.

(Click on images to do an enlarging Mecha-Change)



Unknown said...

Damn, sweet! Massive thanks to Ric!

In the 1980s Little Golden Books did a lot of movie & TV tie-ins. This would have made a great Little Golden Book, apart from the the violent death and general mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Kubo: Xabungle.
Ueno: What?


Thanks also to Ric for this! I was thinking, however, that if Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru being turned into smoking skeletons was considered suitable for kids (I was scared to see that at age six) the relatively tasteful death of Jiron's parents isn't so bad.


Anonymous said...

As I pointed out someplace else on the net, this was fun to translate, but I had to watch the first 5 episodes of the series to understand several names/terms. There is a lot of context-based non-Japanese "Japanese" in this comic! LOL. (I am working on watching the rest of the series, I'm a sucker for classic anime.)

Anime said...

1 of the good anime of the past. The first generation of the anime we enjoy today :)

erik said...

It is a bit disconcerting to see the plot laid out like this... I wonder what a Macross version would look like:

When no one was looking, Bodozle opened fire and took out seven billion humans. He took out 7,000,000,000 humans. That's as many as seven billions. And that's terrible.

mrjdavidnorman said...

Think again regarding the Digital Devil Saga video games, they've gotten mostly positive reviews through the years, and the first two games were some of the best RPG's I've ever played.

d.merrill said...

Thanks for the input, Mrjdavidnorman, but I think you might be responding to the wrong blog post. This one's about Xabungle, an anime series that *is* highly essential, if only for the firearms.