Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shogakukan TV Picture Book: Psycho Armor Govarian

Psycho Armor Govarian (sometimes spelled “Govarion”), perhaps Knack Productions’ most visually appealing SF anime show, aired from July to December of 1983. One of several series whipped up by Go Nagai and his Dynamic Pro crew for Knack, Govarian stars young Isamu Napoto, who is recruited along with other psychic Earthlings by the alien scientist Zeku Alba to battle the evil Garadian space invaders, who attack Earth in their “Genocider” mecha. Luckily for Earth, Isamu and pals can use their psychokinetic powers to conjure up their own powerful super mecha Raid, Garom, and the titular Govarian. Rick Zerrano was kind enough to translate this Govarian children’s book for us, so now we can achieve the knowledge level of Japanese 8-year olds and join Govarian as he battles to save the Earth!

(please click on images to Psycho-Enlarge)

Enjoy more Shogakukan TV Picture Books today. Thanks for reading, and look out for Genociders!

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