Friday, July 1, 2022

Anime North is back!

Well, we're back. Anime North returns to the Toronto Congress Centre and the Delta Hotel on Dixon Rd. (you know, out by the airport) for its 25th year of Japanese animation convention fun! Cosplay! Guests! Vendors! Late-night dances! Events! Videos! Gaming! All the fun you missed in 2020 and 2021 is back and in full force this year at Anime North. What are some of the can't-miss events at the con this year? Wig dyeing! Ninja Weapons Of Death! Kingdom Hearts Trivia! The Nominoichi swap meet! The Strongest Trees In Anime! Gundam Trivia Gameshow! Steampunk Hacks For Thrift Store Finds! Guests like Aaron Dismuke, Kara Eberle, Richard Epcar, Caitlin Glass, Morgan Lauré, Ellyn Stern, Arryn Zech, and Neil Nadelman!
BUT you may ask, what am *I* up to in two weeks? Up to my usual nonsense, that's what. 

Friday night at 9:30pm I'll be in the TCC North Ballroom presenting two hours of what has become a must-see event - Anime Hell. This kooky clip show train has been chugging along for years and shows no sign of stopping, which is a little concerning.

Saturday at 2 I'm taking a trip back in time to check out what Toronto's fan convention scene looked like before Anime North was even a thing. Failed cons, fan feuds, and demolished hotels are all part of this journey. It's happening in International B in the Delta!

Saturday night at 8 in International C, Dr. Neil Nadelman, PhD (Pretty hilarious Doctor) unleashes the goofiest Japanese animation that Japan ever animated and then wished it hadn't as part of his Totally Lame Anime treatment!

And Sunday at 3:30 we erase forty years of time and visit 1982 to check out what the Japanese anime scene was screening on their TV and movie screens in that eventful year. It's happening in International B in 2022!

If YOU want more information on Anime North please visit us at Anime North in two weeks! Or, right now, point your web browser to!

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Unknown said...

I always see the anime north postings too late. Looks like a stacked set programs from you.